Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

In Memoriam

  • Mary Curtiss (CT '90)

    <span><a href="educators/view/mary-curtiss" target="_blank">Mary Curtiss (CT '90)</a>, a beloved and esteemed English teacher at Trumbull High School in Connecticut for 35 years, passed away on Jan. 11, 2015 at the age of 69 after an eight year battle with cancer.</span> (read more)
  • Mae Johnson (CA '87)

    <span><a href="educators/view/mae-johnson" target="_blank">Mae Johnson (CA '87)</a>, one of the first to be honored with the Milken Educator Award, spent 35 years in the field of education as a teacher, counselor, dean, vice principal and principal.</span> (read more)
  • Cynthia Hagino (HI '00)

    <a href="educators/view/cynthia-hagino" target="_blank">Cindy Hagino (HI ’00)</a>, a computer and technology resource teacher, to be remembered and honored by Hawaii Milken Educator Network.  (read more)
  • Frank Lamping (NV '93)

    Called "the guru of middle school education" by colleagues, <a title="Frank Lamping" href="educators/view/frank-lamping">Frank Lamping (NV '93)</a> passed away November 11, 2014.&nbsp; (read more)
  • Marie Hawkins (IA '96)

    Hawkins, a Milken Educator from Iowa, was 83 years old. (read more)
  • Dr. Carol Virostek (CT '91)

    <a href="educators/view/dr-carol-virostek" target="_blank">Dr. Carol Virostek (CT ’91)</a> passes away, leaves behind a legacy of literature and empowerment. (read more)
  • Diane Weitz (IA '94)

    <a href="educators/view/diane-weitz" target="_blank">Diane Weitz (IA '94)</a>, highly honored principal, passes away at age 78 (read more)
  • Dr. Lore Wiggins (CO '89)

    Lore Wiggins (CO '89), devoted teacher and advocate for intercultural understanding passed away at age 79. (read more)
  • Nancy Mounts (IA '93)

    Nancy Mounts (IA '93) passed away at age 77, having devoted more than two thirds of her life to educating our nation's youth. (read more)
  • Dr. Jan Duke (CA '98)

    At the time of the Award, Dr. Jan Duke was a teacher at John Adams Elementary School in Madera, CA. (read more)
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