Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "I became an educator because I wanted to make a difference. I love kids. I love seeing them learn and grow."— Abby Turbak's..." (read more)
    Abby Turbak (SD '22)
    Teacher, McKinley Elementary School
  • "My students are always ready and excited to learn. You get to see the kids have these light bulb moments, and it's so gratifying...." (read more)
    Anna Attebury (ID '22)
    Teacher, White Pine Charter School
  • "I love learning, and I want to share that love with children, because learning is what's going to take anybody anywhere in their..." (read more)
    Jessica Kavitz (WY '22)
    Teacher, Meadowlark Elementary
  • "It really hit me when I saw all the people who came today and have received the Milken Award before. I feel like I'm part of an..." (read more)
    Angela Fowler (IN '22)
    Teacher, Grassy Creek Elementary School
  • "Having a classroom family centered around literacy is the best part of our day. It's a time for us to learn new things, make..." (read more)
    Alexa Guynes (TN '22)
    Teacher, Dogwood Elementary School
  • "I am dyslexic, and it was challenging in those first few years to learn to read. My mom, who is a first grade teacher, and countless..." (read more)
    Charlotte S. Buskill (KY '22)
    Teacher, Newton Parrish Elementary
  • "You become part of the community when you work at a school for a long time. You start to know people's names, you know families, you..." (read more)
    Caitlin Garvey (NY '22)
    Teacher, Clyde-Savannah Elementary School
  • "You all sitting on the floor, you know how much I love you, right? I have to thank you for believing in me, because you are the..." (read more)
    Andrea Trio (WV '22)
    Principal, Madison Elementary
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