Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "I love what I do. I love being able to see the growth in kids from the beginning to the end of the year....I hope that we've..." (read more)
    Tamarah Danzy (OK '21)
    Teacher, Union Eighth Grade Center
  • "I wasn't a great student, I wasn't a terrible student. I was an invisible student. When I was in college I thought, what..." (read more)
    Aubrey Flowers (OK '21)
    Head of Cradle to Career Initiatives, ImpactTulsa
  • "I have my students write down what they want to do when they grow up, and I save them. Then when they graduate I mail it to them. I..." (read more)
    Kristen Maurer (OH '21)
    Teacher, Midvale Elementary School
  • "When I see my students achieve, it makes me so excited for them—and I always tell them, 'Don't forget me when you're..." (read more)
    Ali Jun (NV '21)
    Music Specialist, Tyrone Thompson Elementary School
  • "I felt like education was a calling for me. I went to school to study medicine, but I had a great teacher [in college] who influenced..." (read more)
    Tyler Finch (NM '21)
    Teacher , Loving High School
  • "Every day I come to school and I just want to do my best for each and every one of you....Thank you for helping me be the best..." (read more)
    Gabrielle Kahawai (NM '21)
    Teacher, Gonzales Community School
  • "I love getting a group of little kiddos at the beginning of the year, and then by the end of the year we are a family. I love..." (read more)
    Michelle Fouts (NE '21)
    Teacher, Holdrege Elementary
  • "I don't think I was that great a teacher until I got my counseling degree....It allowed me to see students in such a different..." (read more)
    Katie Mace (NE '21)
    Guidance Counselor , Lyons-Decatur Northeast
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