Outstanding educators who continue to learn are essential to the fostering of student growth, the improvement of schools and the enhancement of the education profession. Hence, the goals of the Milken Educator Awards are:

  • Honor and reward outstanding K-12 educators who represent the top 1% of the teaching profession for the quality of their teaching, their professional leadership, their engagement with families and the community, and their potential for even greater contributions to the healthy development of children. Thus, the Award provides a lifetime incentive for recipients to stay in the profession.
  • Focus public attention on the good news and results in education.
  • By spotlighting the importance of exceptional educators, encourage talented people to enter the teaching profession.
  • Create national and state networks of Milken Educators that:
    • foster the active professional development and career enhancement of Milken Educators and other professionals,
    • encourage Milken Educators to help shape the educational policies that influence their classrooms and schools,
    • connect Milken Educators with the educational improvement efforts of state and federal education agencies, universities, educators, corporate partners and others.
  • Engage corporate and foundation partners in assisting Milken Educators and in supporting policies that advance education.