Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

In Memoriam

  • David Borth (MI '94)

    David Borth (MI ’94), the inspirational leader of the Milken Educator Awards’ long-standing Michigan network, passed away July 7, 2012. (read more)
  • Dr. L.F. Henderson (AR '94)

    Ashtown, Ark. principal Dr. L.F. Henderson (AR '94), who was known for making his school an integral part of his town's community, died March 12, 2012. (read more)
  • Javier Marquez Milo (NM '04)

    Colleagues described Javier Marquez Milo (NM '04) as a "magnet of hope." He was an administrator in the Deming School District and working towards completion of his PhD at New Mexico State University. At the time of his Award, Milo was principal of Martin Elementary School in Deming, which grew from the lowest to the highest performing school in the district and was recognized as one of the top 10 schools in New Mexico for math achievement. (read more)
  • Marlin Lippert, Jr. (PA '94)

    Marlin Lippert (PA '94), an educator who was "driven to find ways to accommodate the vastly differing instructional needs inherent in any group of students," died on March 3, 2012. (read more)
  • Dorothy Winbush Riley (MI '94)

    Elementary school principal and prolific author Dorothy Winbush Riley (MI ’94) died February 21, 2012. (read more)
  • Charles Mingo (IL '93)

    Charles Mingo (IL ’93), a former Chicago, Ill. and Gary, Ind. middle- and high-school principal who believed that "all children can learn, regardless of economic and social deprivations" died February 9, 2012. (read more)
  • Dr. Robert Ziegler (NE '98)

    Dr. Robert Ziegler (NE '98) and his brother <a href=";meaID=813">Woody Ziegler</a>, also a Milken Educator (NE '96) used their "Milken money" to found their own company, Learning for the Future. (read more)
  • Jeanie Weve (KS '10)

    It was said that <a href="educators/view/jeanie-weve" target="_blank">Jeanie (Padron) Weve (KS '10)</a> inspired "her students to learn through the power of creative and physical activity. (read more)
  • Bennie Murl Dillard (WA '95)

    As principal of Kent-Meridian Senior High School in Kent, Wash., <a href="educators/view/bennie-murl-dillard">Bennie M. Dillard (WA '95)</a> created a program that extended the school week with bi-monthly Saturday classes. (read more)
  • Clyde McGrady (GA '90)

    <a href="educators/view/clyde-mcgrady" target="_blank">Clyde McGrady (GA '90)</a> was named Georgia Middle School Principal of the Year in 1994 and taught a total of 34 years before retiring in 1999. (read more)
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