Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

In Memoriam

  • HI_SAIKI.jpg

    Donna Saiki (HI '90)

    The Hilo educator passes away at age 81. (read more)
  • WV_Wiseman.jpg

    Jack Wiseman (WV '93)

    The former principal was 75. (read more)
  • IL_johnson.jpg

    Francine Johnson (IL '98)

    The Illinois educator passed away at age 61. (read more)
  • AR_lacey.jpg

    Marian Lacey (AR '97)

    The longtime Little Rock teacher and administrator dies at 76. (read more)

    Dr. Lucia (Martinez) Rivera-Aragon (CO '89)

    The Colorado educator received the Milken Award in its first year in her state. (read more)
  • IL_DUFOUR.jpg

    Dr. Richard DuFour (IL '88)

    The educational consultant and author was 69. (read more)
  • NM_Chavez.jpg

    Carlos Chavez (NM '93)

    Carlos Chavez (NM '93), an advocate for bilingual education, taught in New Mexico for more than three decades. (read more)
  • OR_BARLOW.jpg

    James Barlow (OR '90)

    Lifelong educator Jim Barlow (OR '90) passes away at age 86.  (read more)
  • simpson_22588.jpg

    Crystal L. Simpson (NE '08)

    The Omaha elementary school principal dies suddenly at only 47 years old. (read more)
  • AR_Shewmaker.jpg

    John Shewmaker (AR '95)

    The former high school principal traveled the country advocating for education reform as a member of the National Coalition of Essential Schools. (read more)
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