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Award Notification:  Eric Crouch (GA '16)

Featured in this video:  Eric Crouch (GA '16)
Columbus, GA   |    Nov 30, 2016
Double Churches Elementary School

Eric Crouch Joins Georgia Milken Educators

It's a special day at Double Churches Elementary: The all-school assembly in the gymnasium includes visiting dignitaries like Richard Woods, Georgia's state school superintendent; Georgia First Lady Sandra Deal; and Muscogee County School District Superintendent Dr. David F. Lewis. They're visiting to celebrate the school's recent grant for serving the community's military families ... but is that the only reason? When Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, surprises fifth-grade teacher Eric Crouch with Georgia's 2016-17 Award, the day becomes one Mr. Crouch will remember for the rest of his life. Relive Crouch's career-changing moment in our short video.

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