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Kristen L. Drake (GA '06)

Coordinator, Gifted & Talented

DeKalb County School District
Stone Mountain, GA

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary, Gifted, Special Education

At the time of the Award, Kristen L. Drake was:

Vanderlyn Elementary School
Dunwoody, GA

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 3

Biographical Information

At Vanderlyn Elementary School in Dunwoody, third-grade teacher Kristen L. Drake volunteered to teach the third-grade group with the lowest achievement levels. In 2004-2005, she helped every one of them pass the state's Criterion- Referenced Competency Test. Her expert use of an electronic interactive white board in her classroom led the district to film her using it with her students. She also used technology to combine writing exercises with parental communication. Students posted blog entries about what they learned on a class website that parents had access to. Ms. Drake received a wide range of training on everything from research-based practices for reaching struggling readers to arts integration and a multi-sensory approach to teaching reading, spelling and writing. When the school instituted incentives for high achievement in the Accelerated Reader program, more than 70 percent of the students receiving awards at the end of the year were from Ms. Drake's classroom. Now that's something to blog about.

Personal Message

We've gone green! We have a worksheetless classroom. Practice activities and assessments are online. I even inputted over 500 homework assignments online, spanning from second grade level through fifth grade. Children receive assignments on their readiness level. Check it out at Please visit if you're in the Atlanta area!">

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