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Award Notification:  Toni-Ann Palmisano (NJ '17)

Featured in this video:  Toni-Ann Palmisano (NJ '17)
Secaucus, NJ   |    Dec 19, 2017
Secaucus Middle School

Toni-Ann Palmisano, You're a NJ Milken Educator!

There's a big surprise in store for one outstanding educator at Secaucus Middle School, and New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner Kimberley Harrington is in on the secret! The school thinks she's visiting to talk to students about preparing for the future, but when Harrington introduces a special guest from California, everyone realizes there's more to this assembly. Watch as Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, names math teacher Toni-Ann Palmisano a 2017-18 New Jersey Milken Educator, changing her career forever.

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