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Masaru Uchino Named HI Milken Educator

Momilani Elementary  |  Pearl City, HI  |  Feb 02, 2017

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Masaru Uchino congratulations from Milken Educator vet

Veteran Milken Educator Cheryl Shintani (HI '92) presents third-grade teacher Masaru Uchino with a celebratory lei at his surprise Milken Educator Award notification.

Several veteran Milken Educators at Uchino's notification share wise words with the newest member of the Milken Educator family. Since getting the Award in 1991, says Francine Fernandez, "I haven't had a sad day." Michael Sana (HI '15), last year's recipient, tells Uchino that "today starts your legacy. We hope you will continue to do the great things you do here at Momilani Elementary and go beyond."

In this series:  Masaru Uchino (HI '16) In this photo:  Cheryl Shintani (HI '92)Masaru Uchino (HI '16)

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