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Jennie Schmaltz Wins CO Milken Award

Elkhart Elementary School  |  Aurora, CO  |  Oct 26, 2016

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Jennie Schmaltz vets Elkhart

Veteran Milken Educators welcome Jennie Schmaltz, Colorado's newest Milken Educator, to their family. "This Award changed my life, and it changed the life of many of my students," says Dr. Leticia de Lozano (CO '95). Adds Jayne Treat Vahle (CO '05), who says the Award challenged her to accomplish even more: "We touch the future because we teach."

From left, Barth Quenzer (CO '12); Jayne Treat Vahle (CO '05); Lisette Clemons (IL '89); Patricia Bell (CO '89); Scott DeVries (CO '99); recipient Jennie Schmaltz (CO '16); Linda Alston (CO '94); Dr. Leticia de Lozano (CO '95); and Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation.

In this series:  Jennie Todd (CO '16) In this photo:  Linda Alston (CO '94)Patricia Bell (CO '89)Lisette Clemons (IL '89)Dr. Leticia de Lozano (CO '95)Scott DeVries (CO '99)Lowell Milken Barth Quenzer (CO '12)Jennie Todd (CO '16)Jayne Treat Vahle (CO '05)

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  • Jennie Schmaltz leads class to assembly
  • Lowell Milken Elkhart students before assembly
  • Elkhart principal Ron Schumacher
  • Aurora district superintendent Rico Munn Jennie Schmaltz
  • Colleen ONeil CO Dept Education
  • Lowell Milken addresses Elkhart Elementary
  • Lowell Milken Elkhart student 1
  • Elkhart students hands up 1
  • Lowell Milken Elkhart student 2
  • Lowell Milken at Jennie Schmaltz Elkhart
  • Elkhart students hands up 3
  • Elkhart students spell 25000
  • Elkhart students hands up 2
  • Jennie Schmaltz waves
  • Jennie Schmaltz reaction
  • Jennie Schmaltz listens to ovation
  • Lowell Milken congratulates Jennie Schmaltz
  • Jennie Schmaltz addresses assembly Lowell Milken
  • Jennie Schmaltz thumbs up
  • Jennie Schmaltz excited students
  • Jennie Schmaltz with Rico Munn
  • Jennie Schmaltz surrounded by students
  • Jennie Schmaltz check students
  • Jennie Schmaltz Lowell Milken after assembly
  • Jennie Schmaltz Mike Coffman
  • Jennie Schmaltz talks with guest
  • Jennie Schmaltz vets Elkhart
  • Jennie Schmaltz words of wisdom vets
  • Lowell Milken Elkhart classroom Jennie Schmaltz
  • Lowell Milken tours Elkhart Elementary Jennie Schmaltz

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  • Congrats Jennie! You deserbe this! We are so happy for you!

    Posted by Julie Dale, 26/10/2016 6:02pm (7 years ago)

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