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Adam Parvanta Wins ME Milken Award

Gorham High School  |  Gorham, ME  |  Oct 30, 2019

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2019 ME Adam Parvanta veterans

Veteran Milken Educators welcome Adam Parvanta (ME '19) to the family. Today's surprise notification is especially meaningful: Both Maine Department of Education Commissioner Pender Makin and Adam's principal, Brian Jandreau, are members of the Milken Educator family.

From left, Joseph Mattos (ME ’90); Dorothy Maxwell (ME ’95); Bill Nave (ME ’90); Michaela Lamarre (ME ’15); Melissa Noack (ME ’05); Maine Department of Education  Commissioner Pender Makin (ME ’01); Richard Meserve (ME '09); recipient Adam Parvanta (ME '19); Gorham High School Principal Brian Jandreau (ME ’07); Vaughn Martin (ME ’02); Suzanne Olson (ME '97); and Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94), senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards.

In this series:  Adam Parvanta (ME '19)
In this photo:  Dorothy (Neal) Maxwell (ME '95)Melissa Sylvester (ME '05)Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94)Brian E. Jandreau (ME '07)Michaela Lamarre (ME '15)Pender (Kimball) Makin (ME '01)Vaughn A. Martin (ME '02)Joseph Mattos (ME '90)Richard Meserve (ME '09)Bill Nave (ME '90)Suzanne Olson (ME '97)Adam Parvanta (ME '19)

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