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Bill Nave (ME '90)

Independent Research and Evaluator

Bill Nave Consulting

At the time of the Award, Bill Nave was:

River Valley Alternative School
Turner, ME

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics, General and all other Science
Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Bill Nave, the 1990 Maine Teacher of the Year, is co-founder of River Valley Alternative School in addition to being a math and science teacher. Mr. Nave advocates the restructuring of schools and alternative education. Toward that end, he founded the Citizens Coalition for Education, a grass roots effort to gain public support for restructuring. Mr. Nave's own words perhaps best capture the reason he is identified as an outstanding educator: "We believe in our students until they can esteem themselves; and we love them until they love themselves." A member of the Commissioner's Teachers Advisory Committee in Maine, he finished third in the national Teacher of the Year competition.

Additional Information


1967 Columbia University, B.S.

University of Maine - Machias, B.A.

Alternative Education, At-risk Students, Drop-outs, Restructuring, Professional Development, Reform, School Reform Networks, State Standards