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Adam Parvanta Wins ME Milken Award

Gorham High School  |  Gorham, ME  |  Oct 30, 2019

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2019 ME Pender Makin

Maine Department of Education Commissioner Pender Makin talks about the state's high quality of education—and how important it is for students to serve as ambassadors for their schools. The department, she says, has created its first student cabinet, so Maine's students can advise the state on what's happening in its schools.

But then, much to everyone's surprise, Commissioner Makin introduces a longtime friend from California. When did she meet this friend? In 2001, when she won Maine's Milken Educator Award ... but she's not talking about that yet.

In this series:  Adam Parvanta (ME '19)
In this photo:  Pender (Kimball) Makin (ME '01)

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