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Therese Shain Joins MO Milken Educators

Bayless Elementary School  |  St. Louis, MO  |  Feb 13, 2019

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Missouri 2018 veterans

Veteran Milken Educators welcome Therese Shain to the family. Kimberly Grempler (MO '98, second from left), won the Award right here at Bayless Elementary 20 years ago; "I am privileged to be [your] coworker," she says. Counsels Dr. Pamela Stanfield (MO '96, third from right): "You’re going to meet wonderful people. Take those opportunities that come your way." And Andy Gensler (MO '05, third from left) offers a reminder: "This is not a practical joke!"

From left, Dr. Angie Besendorfer (MO '96); Kimberly Grempler (MO '98); Andy Gensler (MO '05); Mark Lueckenhoff (MO '96); Jessica Karll (MO '14); Dr. Pamela Stanfield (MO '96); Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation; and Rhonda Schier (CO '89).

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In this photo:  Dr. Angie Besendorfer (MO '96)Rhonda Schier (CO '89)Andrew Gensler (MO '05)Kimberly Grempler (MO '98)Dr. Jessica Karll (MO '14)Mark Lueckenhoff (MO '96)Lowell Milken Dr. Pamela Stanfield (MO '96)

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