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Therese Shain Joins MO Milken Educators

Bayless Elementary School  |  St. Louis, MO  |  Feb 13, 2019

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Missouri 2018 Therese Shain students cheering

WE LOVE OUR TEACHER!  Students cheer for Therese Shain at her surprise Milken Educator Award notification. Shain has taught at Bayless for a decade and includes students’ voices in the classroom, making them part of developing the mission, class rules, routines, academic goals and data charting process. She teaches a social skills group, as well as reading, writing and math groups. Shain’s students show great progress in all academic areas, meeting more than 90% of their reading goals, 80% of writing goals, and 80% of math.

In this series:  Therese Shain (MO '18)
In this photo:  Therese Shain (MO '18)

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