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Therese Shain Joins MO Milken Educators

Bayless Elementary School  |  St. Louis, MO  |  Feb 13, 2019

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Missouri 2018 commissioner Margie Vandeven

Missouri Department of Education Commissioner Dr. Margie Vandeven congratulates students and staff on the school's 2018 MAP assessment scores. "My job is to be sure 919,000 students in Missouri get a great education every day," she says. Bayless students should be very proud of their school's report card, Dr. Vandeven adds, which surpasses state averages in ELL, math and attendance.

Then, changing directions, the commissioner introduces a special guest who has traveled to St. Louis all the way from California. "While he was in his thirties, he built companies and became very successful," she tells the assembly. "And with his money, he said, 'Let's celebrate education.' "



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