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Sarah Szymanski Wins CO Milken Award

Soaring Eagles Elementary School  |  Colorado Springs, CO  |  Dec 19, 2018

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2018 Colorado Sarah Szymanski veterans

Veteran Milken Educators gather at Soaring Eagles Elementary to welcome Sarah Szymanski to the family. "This will change your life," says Ryan Moore (CO '15), who now teaches biomedicine in Pueblo. Adds Lisette Clemons (IL '89): "Mount Kilimanjaro is the pinnacle of the mountaintops. The Milken Educator Award is the pinnacle of the teaching profession."

From left, Lisette Clemons (IL '89); John D. Putnam (CO '89); Patricia Bell (CO '89); Carrie Harper (CO '14); Dr. Alex Carter (VA '03); Lisa Rodgers (CO '17); Felicia Casto (CO '16); Doug Lundberg (CO '95); Jennie Schmaltz (CO '16); Dr. Margarita Lopez (CO '94); Michael P. Arsenault (CO '07); Sue Lynn Pettit (IA '99); Ryan Moore (CO '15); Gina Oellig (CO '10); and Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation.


In this series:  Sarah Tomic (CO '18)
In this photo:  Michael P. Arsenault (CO '07)Patricia Bell (CO '89)Dr. Alex Carter (VA '03)Felicia Casto (CO '16)Lisette Clemons (IL '89)Carrie Harper (CO '14)Dr. Margarita Lopez (CO '94)Doug Lundberg (CO '95)Lowell Milken Ryan Moore (CO '15)Gina Oellig (CO '10)Dr. Sue Lynn Pettit (IA '99)John D. Putnam (CO '89)Lisa Rodgers (CO '17)Jennie Todd (CO '16)

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