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2016 Milken Educator Awards Forum

Hyatt Regency New Orleans  |  New Orleans, LA  |  Mar 18, 2016

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MEA group 2

The Milken Educators of 2015-16 gather for a group photo in New Orleans.

Front row (from left): Amber Dortch (VA '15); Nicki Derryberry (AZ '15); Brittany Matsushino (AZ '15); Kendra Borden (RI '15); Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation; Angela Malone (MD '15); Laura Servin (TX '15); Lindsey Bibler (SC '15); Courtney Matulka (NE '15); Kimberly Moreno (NJ '15).

Middle row (from left): Michael Sana (HI '15); Ryan Moore (CO '15); Melody Tucker (AL '15); Gina Benz (SD '15); Kimberly Freeman (SC '15); Melody Coryell (IN '15); Rhonda Burrage (MS '15); Lauren Wilson (VA '15); Michelle Ryan (MA '15); Ricardo Larios (OR '15); Jessica Major (LA '15); Nick Williams (CA '15).

Top row (from left): Eric Patin (NC '15); Ryan Lafferty (WA '15); Colin DeGroot (NM '15); Lauren Jensen (NY '15); Misty Ayres-Miranda (TN '15); Chandler Smith (LA '15); Anthony Angelini (PA '15); John Lary (LA '15); Allison Cuttler (NJ '15); Deborah Siebern-Dennis (MO '15); Jessica Cunningham (DC '15).

In this photo:  Allison Johnson (NJ '15)Amber Brown (VA '15)Anthony Angelini (PA '15)Misty Ayres-Miranda (TN '15)Gina Benz (SD '15)Lindsey Bibler (SC '15)Kendra Borden (RI '15)Rhonda Burrage (MS '15)Melody Coryell (IN '15)Jessica Cunningham (DC '15)Colin DeGroot (NM '15)Nicki Derryberry (AZ '15)Kimberly Freeman (SC '15)Lauren Jensen (NY '15)Ryan Lafferty (WA '15)Ricardo Larios (OR '15)John Lary (LA '15)Jessica Major (LA '15)Angela Malone (MD '15)Brittany Matsushino (AZ '15)Courtney Matulka (NE '15)Lowell Milken Ryan Moore (CO '15)Dr. Kimberly Moreno (NJ '15)Eric Patin (NC '15)Michelle Ryan (MA '15)Michael Sana (HI '15)Laura Servin (TX '15)Deborah Siebern-Dennis (MO '15)Chandler Smith (LA '15)Dr. Melody Tucker (AL '15)Nick Williams (CA '15)Lauren Wilson (VA '15)

All photos should be credited to "Milken Family Foundation" unless otherwise noted.

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  • MEA group 2
  • Lowell Milken at MEA Forum
  • Jane Foley
  • MEA Forum leadership
  • Amber Dortch Jane Foley Lowell Milken
  • Bonnie Somers Angela Malone
  • Courtney Matulka
  • Jane Foley Lauren Wilson
  • Jane Foley Lowell Milken Gina Benz
  • Jane Foley pins Amber Dortch
  • John Lary
  • Lowell Milken Kendra Borden
  • Michelle Ryan with Lowell Milken
  • Ryan Moore
  • Lowell Milken interview
  • Lowell Milken podium
  • Ryan Laffery working
  • Panel on stage
  • Mike Sana with lei
  • Allison Cuttler
  • Amber Dortch
  • Angela Malone
  • Anthony Angelini
  • Brittany Matsushino
  • Colin DeGroot
  • Courtney Matulka gg
  • Deborah Siebern Dennis
  • Eric Patin
  • Gina Benz
  • Jessica Cunningham
  • Jessica Major
  • John Lary gg
  • Kendra Borden
  • Kimberly Freeman
  • Kimberly Moreno
  • Laura Servin
  • Lauren Jensen
  • Lauren Wilson
  • Lindsey Bibler
  • Melody Coryell
  • Melody Tucker MEA Forum 2016
  • Michael Sana
  • Michelle Ryan
  • Misty Ayres Miranda
  • Nick Williams
  • Nicki Derryberry
  • Rhonda Burrage
  • Ricardo Larios
  • Ryan Lafferty
  • Ryan Moore gg
  • Amber Dortch addresses group
  • Angela Malone listens
  • Deborah Siebern Brittany Matsushino
  • Lauren Wilson Bonnie Somers
  • Lindsey Bibler with baby
  • Lowell Milken last day
  • Melody Tucker Michelle Ryan
  • Michelle Ryan addresses group
  • Misty Ayres Miranda Lauren Jensen
  • Vicky Condalary
  • Ann Shaw

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  • Thank you for sharing photos from the recent Milken Forum. I always look forward to seeing and reading about the new Milken Educators. I miss those forums. I loved the networking and learning new teaching techniques.

    Posted by Sheila Bowens (IL '90), 21/03/2016 9:30pm (7 years ago)

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