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Jana Fukada Joins HI Milken Educator Winners

Mililani Uka Elementary School  |  Mililani, HI  |  Feb 23, 2015

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Jana Fukada with HI Milken Educator Network

The Milken Educator Awards is more than an organization or professional network, it’s a tight-knit family of like-minded educators. And this ohana (family) comes out in force to say “e komo mai” (welcome) to its newest addition.

Pictured from left, back row: Michelle Kay (HI '13), Ellen Schroeder (HI ’97), Lisa-Anne Tsuruda (HI '09), Dewey Gottlieb (HI '03), Robin Kitsu (HI '01), Cheryl Shintani (HI '92) and Estelle Wong (HI '99).

Pictured from left, middle row: Yannabah Lewis (HI '07), Bebi Davis (HI '05), Phyllis Nakasuji (HI '99), Yuuko Arikawa (HI '10), Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94) and Ruby Hiraishi (HI '92).

Front row: Jana Fukada (HI '14).

In this series:  Dr. Jana Fukada (HI '14) In this photo:  Yuuko Arikawa (HI '10)Dr. Bebi Zamina Khan Davis (HI '05)Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94)Dewey Gottlieb (HI '03)Ruby Hiraishi (HI '92)Michelle Kay (HI '13)Robin Kitsu (HI '01)Phyllis Nakasuji (HI '99)Ellen Schroeder (HI '97)Cheryl Shintani (HI '92)Lisa-Anne L. Tsuruda (HI '09)Yannabah Weiss (HI '07)Estelle Wong (HI '99)

All photos should be credited to "Milken Family Foundation" unless otherwise noted.

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  • Jana Fukada Student Council
  • Jana Fukada Dr John Brummel
  • Jana Fukada Ronn Nozoe
  • Jana Fukada Dr Jane Foley
  • Jana Fukada students raise hands
  • Jana Fukada Dr Jane Foley with volunteer and VIPs
  • Jana Fukada excited students
  • Jana Fukada 25000 with Ronn Nozze
  • Jana Fukada impressed students
  • Jana Fukada reaction
  • Jana Fukada walks to front of assembly
  • Jana Fukada receives leis from VIPs
  • Jana Fukada Jane Foley Ronn Nozoe Shan Tsutsui and VIPs
  • Jana Fukada congratulated by Shan Tsutsui
  • Jana Fukada accepts the Milken Educator Award
  • Jana Fukada signs the shaka
  • Jana Fukada calls mom
  • Jana Fukada with HI Milken Educator Network

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