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Ellen Schroeder (HI '97)


At the time of the Award, Ellen Schroeder was:

Olomana High and Intermediate School
Kailua, HI

Subject(s) taught: Special Education

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Attendance has greatly improved at Olomana School in Kailua, largely due to an innovative program called "Mixed Plate," developed by lead teacher Ellen Schroeder. The program offers an integrated curriculum that includes five subjects (English, math, science, social studies and horticulture/woodshop) and a team of five teachers, and is designed to address multiple intelligences. The program is now taught to half the students at Olomana School. Ms. Schroeder also created the award-winning "Partners" program, which aims to teach students about civics, current events and government; and the "Munchie Store," a snack bar for students, from which profits are used to recognize student achievements, purchase school supplies and subsidize student council projects.

Ellen presently serves on the Board of the Hawaii Milken Educator network, one of the most active and visionary Milken alumni associations which seeks to support teaching excellence, with a special focus on recognizing beginning teachers.

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1970 University of Hawaii - Manoa, B.A.

Special Education, Alternative Education, At-risk Students, Interdisciplinary Instruction, Attendance, Business Partnerships, Community Service, Computers, Cooperative Learning, Drop-outs