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Catherine Randall Named Louisiana Milken Educator

Joseph J. Davies Elementary School  |  Meraux, LA  |  Oct 24, 2016

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Catherine Randall with vets

Veteran Milken Educators Phyllis Diecidue (LA '03, left) and Denise Duhe Pritchard (LA '11, right) welcome third-grade teacher Catherine Randall (LA '16) to the Milken Educator family. Diecidue teaches at St. Bernard High School; Pritchard, who opened Davies Elementary after Hurricane Katrina as its principal, is currently the principal at N.P. Trist Middle School. Davies Elementary feeds students to both the veteran Milken Educators' schools. Teaching in St. Bernard Parish runs in Diecidue's and Pritchard's families: Each has a child currently teaching in the district. The veteran Milken Educators share the excitement of Randall's momentous day. "I’m shaking just like I was at my own notification in 2011," says Pritchard.


In this series:  Catherine Randall (LA '16) In this photo:  Phyllis Diecidue (LA '03)Denise Duhe Pritchard (LA '11)Catherine Randall (LA '16)

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