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Aimee Schade Wins IN Milken Award

West Goshen Elementary  |  Goshen, IN  |  Oct 06, 2016

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West Goshen veteran Milken educators

Veteran Milken Educators line up to offer their congratulations to TAP Master Teacher Aimee Schade (IN '16), the newest member of the Milken Educator family. From left, Ginger Giessler (IN '13); Theresa Knipstein Meyer (IN '00); Chris Kates (IN '08); and Marlin Bauer (IN '94). "I know it’s going to be a very exciting year for you," says Bauer to Schade. 

In this series:  Aimee Schade (IN '16) In this photo:  Marlin Bauer (IN '94)Ginger Giessler (IN '13)Dr. Chris Kates (IN '08)Theresa Knipstein Meyer (IN '00)

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  • Principal Lori Line
  • West Goshen pledge of allegiance
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  • Goshen Superintendent Diane Woodworth
  • Superintendent Glenda Ritz
  • Lowell Milken West Goshen builds excitement
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  • Lowell Milken picks student volunteer
  • Lowell Milken with student
  • West Goshen students spell award amount
  • Aimee Schade reaction
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  • Lowell Milken congratulates Aimee Schade
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  • West Goshen veteran Milken educators
  • Aimee Schade talks with students
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  • Lowell Milken Aimee Schade in classroom
  • Aimee Schade calls husband
  • Aimee Schade Milken Educator vets portrait
  • Aimee Schade portrait

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