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Marlin Bauer (IN '94)


At the time of the Award, Marlin Bauer was:

Harlan Elementary School
Harlan, IN

Biographical Information

"Education," says Marlin Bauer, principal of Harlan Elementary School in Harlan, "cannot stop at the end of the school day or at the end of the school year." Mr. Bauer believes that parents and the community must continue the work that begins in the classroom. To this end, he has implemented several programs at Harlan Elementary School-the Parent Volunteer Program, "Dad's Night with Kids," and "Family Fun Night"-to enhance the relationship between the school and the home. Mr. Bauer's involvement with the National Association of Elementary School Principals has provided an opportunity for him to be an active participant in this country's community of educators. In 1992, Mr. Bauer was selected to the Overseas Advisory Council by the U.S. State Department.

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1964 Ball State University, B.A.