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SD Milken Educators Welcome Abby Turbak in Watertown

McKinley Elementary  |  Watertown, SD  |  Dec 02, 2022

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McKinley Abby Turbak veterans

Veteran Milken Educators are eager to welcome Abby Turbak (SD '22) to the family.

From left, Rodell Frey (SD '02); Karen Lukens (SD '02); LeeAnna Rabine (SD '14); Amanda Christensen (SD '16); Carla Diede (SD '17); recipient Abby Turbak (SD '22); Nichole Bowman (SD '21); Camrin Vaux (SD '21); Gina Benz (SD '15); and Kira Christensen Dylla (SD '09).

In this series:  Abby Turbak (SD '22)
In this photo:  Gina Benz (SD '15)Nichole Bowman (SD '21)Amanda Christensen (SD '16)Kira Christensen Dylla (SD '09)Carla Diede (SD '17)R. Jon Frey (SD '02)Karen J. Lukens (SD '02)LeeAnna Rabine (SD '14)Abby Turbak (SD '22)Camrin Vaux (SD '21)

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