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Carla Diede (SD '17)


Harrisburg South Middle School
Harrisburg, SD

At the time of the Award, Carla Diede was:

Harrisburg South Middle School
Harrisburg, SD

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics

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Carla Diede is a pioneer, leading her school, district and state forward in adopting transformational and cutting-edge strategies focused on personalized, student-centered instruction: first as a teacher employing the flipped classroom concept (delivering instruction online to view before class, so students can learn through activity during class), and more recently, with personalized learning (addressing distinct learning needs of individual students).

As a leader in the personalized learning program at Harrisburg South Middle School, Diede has served as a liaison to parents of incoming middle school students, helping them understand the options available to their children (personalized learning versus traditional middle school setting).

Diede spends her mornings as a personalized learning coach working with 6th and 7th grade students and their teachers in creating customized, individual learning plans. She coordinates lesson plans with teachers and tracks student learning, modifying school curriculum when needed to address gaps based on her analysis of student data. She helps teachers set self-paced schedules for these learners and pulls students into one-on-one settings or small groups for additional support. She also helps students who are behind on their work and those struggling to meet the standards set forth in the school’s standards-based grading model. In addition, she meets with educators from other schools when they come to observe the personalized learning program, and she has presented about the program and educational technology at teacher in-services and various state and regional conferences. 

In her afternoon math courses, Diede creates an optimal environment through interactive, hands-on activities that guide the learning process for students, ranging from eighth-grade math to seventh- and eighth-grade algebra and geometry. She models how best to differentiate instruction for all learners, facilitating understanding of mathematic concepts and critical thinking. Adequately preparing her classes for secondary-level math studies and proficiency exams, Diede is a task master whose students rise to her high standards, regularly seeing significant gains on the MAP assessment. 

Diede earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with an Education Specialization from South Dakota State University in 2007, and her Master of Science in Education from Southwest Minnesota State University in 2011. In 2017, she earned National Board Certification.

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