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Carla Diede Wins South Dakota Milken Award

Carla Diede (SD '17)   |   Harrisburg South Middle School  |  Harrisburg, SD  |  Jan 04, 2018

There's a big assembly at Harrisburg South Middle School, with South Dakota Secretary of Education Don Kirkegaard on hand to commend the school for its pioneering efforts in personalized learning. But wait ... is there another reason for his visit? When Milken Family Foundation Senior Program Administrator Greg Gallagher surprises math teacher Carla Diede with South Dakota's 2017-18 Milken Educator Award, the teacher's career is changed forever. Follow along in the photos below.

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  • Harrisburg 2017 principal Darren Ellwein
  • Harrisburg 2017 student council cheers
  • Harrisburg 2017 superintendent James Holbeck 2
  • Harrisburg 2017 South Dakota secretary Don Kirkegaard
  • Harrisburg 2017 Greg Gallagher
  • Harrisburg 2017 students volunteer
  • Harrisburg 2017 students help Greg Gallagher
  • Harrisburg 2017 students spell 25000
  • Harrisburg 2017 students wait
  • Harrisburg 2017 Carla Diede reaction
  • Harrisburg 2017 Carla Diede check veterans
  • Harrisburg 2017 Don Kirkegaard congratulates Carla Diede
  • Harrisburg 2017 Carla Diede acceptance speech
  • Harrisburg 2017 Carla Diede calls husband
  • Harrisburg 2017 Carla Diede veterans outside classroom
  • Harrisburg 2017 Carla Diede student hug
  • Harrisburg 2017 Carla Diede portrait

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