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Carla Diede Wins South Dakota Milken Award

Harrisburg South Middle School  |  Harrisburg, SD  |  Jan 04, 2018

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Harrisburg 2017 Carla Diede check veterans

Carla Diede gets a hand with her oversized Milken Educator Award check from some of South Dakota's veteran Milken Educators.

From left, LeeAnna Rabine (SD '14); Gina Benz (SD '15); recipient Carla Diede (SD '17); Amanda Christensen (SD '16); Karen J. Lukens (SD '02); and Sherri Becker (SD '03).

In this series:  Carla Diede (SD '17) In this photo:  Sherri Becker (SD '03)Gina Benz (SD '15)Amanda Christensen (SD '16)Carla Diede (SD '17)Karen J. Lukens (SD '02)LeeAnna Rabine (SD '14)

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