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Award Notification:  Tami Lunsford (DE '17)

Featured in this video:  Tami Lunsford (DE '17)
Newark, DE   |    Oct 25, 2017
Newark Charter High School

Tami Lunsford Wins Milken Award in DE

October 25, 2017, was an historic morning in Delaware: Mike Milken surprised science teacher Tami Lunsford (DE '17) with the state's first-ever Milken Educator Award at Newark Charter High School. Tami's students earn among the highest AP Biology scores in the state, but more importantly, they leave her classes with increased confidence and a true love of science. Many who started with her as freshmen have headed to college as science majors because of her influence. "A friend of mine in grad school convinced me to go into a classroom with a bucket of organisms, and it changed my whole life," Tami told a reporter at her notification. "I've tried other careers over the years, but I keep coming back to teaching. It's what I was meant to do."