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Award Notification:  Lauren Hopkins (RI '17)

Featured in this video:  Lauren Hopkins (RI '17)
Coventry, RI   |    Oct 26, 2017
Coventry High School

It's a RI Milken Award for Lauren Hopkins

"The Milken Educator Award goes to...LAUREN HOPKINS!" When Dr. Jane Foley made that announcement on October 26, 2017, at Coventry High School in Rhode Island, the gym instantly erupted in deafening applause and cheers. Lauren was so shocked that Jane repeated Lauren's name into the microphone as Principal Michael Hobin guided the trembling teacher toward the podium. The magnitude of the announcement really hit when Alison Kasbarian, Coventry's dean of students and Lauren's sister, ran down from the bleachers to envelop Rhode Island's newest Milken Educator in a huge congratulatory hug. "You make this so much more than a career for me," she told her students. "I call you my kids because you are."