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Award Notification:  Christal Bookhamer (TX '13)

Featured in this video:  Christal Bookhamer (TX '13)
Joshua, TX   |    Dec 05, 2013
Loflin Middle School

Science Teacher Christal Bookhamer Stunned by Lowell Milken and TX Education Commissioner Michael Williams

"I think my heart was going to jump out of my chest as I heard my name called out," says Loflin Middle School science teacher Christal Bookhamer of Joshua, TX. And when she calls her mom with the news of her $25,000 surprise Milken Educator Award, she gets quite a reaction from her, too! See Christal and her students’ reaction moments earlier when Texas Education Commissioner Williams and Milken Family Foundation Chairman Lowell Milken announced her name as the Lone Star State’s star recipient.