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Linda Dishman Wins First Milken Award of 2018-19 in Kansas

Berryton Elementary School  |  Berryton, KS  |  Oct 12, 2018

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Berryton 2018 Linda Dishman veterans

You're one of us now, Linda!  Veteran Milken Educators offer advice to Linda Dishman (KS '18), the newest member of their family. "Teach like [their] life depends on it, for all of these kids," says Ada Ligia Paquette (KS '93). Adds William Smithyman (KS '15): "Buckle up for some of the best professional development anyone could ever hope for."

From left, bottom row: Brad LeDuc (KS '13), also a 2014 Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes Fellow; Kansas Deputy Commissioner of Education Dale Dennis; Kansas Commissioner of Education Dr. Randy Watson; recipient Linda Dishman (KS '18); Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation; Alice S. Bertels (KS '00), also a 2015 Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes Fellow; Brad Nicks (KS '09); and Ada Ligia Paquette (KS '93).

From left, top row: Michael Berndt (KS '12), also a 2013 Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes Fellow; Norman Conard (KS '92), executive director of the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes; 2014 Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes Fellow Susan Sittenauer; Jim Armendariz (KS ‘04); Dr. Victoria Seeger (KS '04); Stephanie Conklin (KS '16); Karla Reed (KS '06); Heidi Albin (KS '17); William Smithyman (KS '15), also a 2017 Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes Fellow; and 2015 Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes Fellow Nate McAlister.

In this series:  Linda Dishman (KS '18) In this photo:  Heidi Albin (KS '17)Jim Armendariz (KS '04)Michael Berndt (KS '12)Alice S. Bertels (KS '00)Norman Conard (KS '92)Stephanie Conklin (KS '16)Linda Dishman (KS '18)Brad LeDuc (KS '13)Lowell Milken Brad Nicks (KS '09)Ada Ligia Paquette (KS '93)Karla Reed (KS '06)Dr. Victoria Seeger (KS '04)William Smithyman (KS '15)

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  • Congratulations on the amazing journey you are about to experience. Although I was not able to be there in person, my thoughts are with you on this very exciting announcement. Enjoy the fellowship and professional development and connections and your well deserved honor. Welcome to the family ! Becky Goodwin ( Milken national educator, Kansas, 1995)

    Posted by Becky Goodwin (KS '95), 12/10/2018 4:58pm (4 years ago)

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