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Emily Dickerson Wins TX Milken Award

Grand Prairie High School  |  Grand Prairie, TX  |  Mar 09, 2022

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GPHS Emily Dickerson veterans 2

Veteran Milken Educators are eager to welcome recipient Emily Dickerson to Texas’ Milken Educator network.

From left, Amber Simpson (TX ’16); Heather Bass (SC ’08); Alayna Siemonsma (SD ’12); Jennifer Fuller (TX ’17); Margaret Leeds (CA ’87); Lowell Milken, founder of the Milken Educator Awards; recipient Emily Dickerson (TX ’21); Rogelio Garcia (TX ’10); Shekema Dunlap (GA ’11); Kristina Carssow (TX ’11); and Avalyn Balliet (TX ’00). 

In this series:  Emily Truss (TX '21)
In this photo:  Shekema Dunlap (GA '11)Avalyn Balliet (TX '00)Heather M. Bass (SC '08)Kristina Carssow (TX '11)Jennifer Fuller (TX '17)Rogelio Garcia (TX '10)Margaret Leeds (CA '87)Lowell Milken Alayna Siemonsma (SD '12)Amber Simpson (TX '16)Emily Truss (TX '21)

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