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Margaret Leeds (CA '87)


At the time of the Award, Margaret Leeds was:

Beverly Hills High School
Beverly Hills, CA

Subject(s) taught: Physical Education, Health
Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Formerly the assistant principal of Beverly Hills High School in Beverly Hills, Margaret Leeds retired in 1997 after 38 years as an educator. Her innovations included a "conflict resolution" program, in which she enlisted 15 students and school staff members to gain expertise in the art of mediation. Leeds's efforts resulted in a district-wide peer mediation program, and she often served as a consultant and a volunteer, providing mediation and dispute resolution for numerous organizations, including the Los Angeles County Bar Association. Leeds was previously chair of the physical education department at Beverly Hills High School, which at the time was the only four-year program in the state and named the 1986 Outstanding Secondary Physical Education Program in California. She helped to develop and implement a district-wide curriculum that challenged students to become active, independent learners, worked on a variety of extracurricular student activities, and served as president of the local physical education association.

Additional Information


Baylor University, B.A.

Physical Education, State Standards, Writing