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Oklahoma’s Amanda Raupe Wins Milken Award

Hilldale Elementary School  |  Oklahoma City, OK  |  Jan 10, 2017

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Amanda Raupe with veteran Milken Educators

Veteran Milken Educators congratulate first-grade teacher Amanda Raupe and welcome her to the family. 

From left, Jill Rumbaugh (OK '05); Shelley K. Self (OK '05); recipient Amanda Raupe (OK '16); Sarah Vann (OK '11); and Darryl Andrews (OK '03).

In this series:  Amanda Raupe (OK '16)
In this photo:  Darryl Andrews (OK '03)Amanda Raupe (OK '16)Jill Rumbaugh (OK '05)Shelley K. Self (OK '05)Dr. Sarah Vann (OK '11)

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