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Roy Barnes (AR '93)


At the time of the Award, Roy Barnes was:

Dollarway Junior High School
Pine Bluff, AR

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics, Computer Science
Grade(s): 7, 8

Biographical Information

Roy Barnes teaches mathematics and computer science to seventh and eighth grades at Dollarway Junior High School in Pine Bluff. Mr. Barnes believes that his style of classroom management sets him apart as an educator. His classroom is a place of action; students are expected to participate in hands-on group work, computer activities, and oral presentations. Mr. Barnes transforms his classroom into a bustling workshop that reflects his own enthusiasm for mathematics. Whenever possible, Mr. Barnes tries to introduce innovative and creative ideas into his teaching repertoire. He would like to see Dollarway Junior High School implement a "technology-based problem solving program." Available educational technologies, according to Mr. Barnes, have introduced an enriching dimension to the teaching profession. Mr. Barnes would also like to see teachers have access to "long-term professional development programs" to enable them to keep abreast of the latest advances in their field. In Mr. Barnes' opinion, effective adjustment to change is a responsibility of the teaching profession. Mr. Barnes is one of this year's recipients of the National Science Foundation's Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics.

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1969 University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff, B.A.

Math, Assessment