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Andrew Harrison, You're an AR Milken Educator

Mayflower High School  |  Mayflower, AR  |  Oct 04, 2023

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mhs andrew harrison vets

There's nothing veteran Milken Educators enjoy more than welcoming a new member to the family!

From left: Roy Barnes (AR '93); Amy Braswell (AR ‘02); Emily Howard (AR '22); recipient Andrew Harrison (AR '23); Corey Oliver (AR ‘07); Dawn McLain (AR ‘17); Carman Owens (AR ‘14); Susan Moreno (TX ‘19); and Milken Educator Awards Founder Lowell Milken.

In this series:  Andrew Harrison (AR '23)
In this photo:  Roy Barnes (AR '93)Amy Elaine Braswell (AR '02)Andrew Harrison (AR '23)Carman McBride (AR '14)Dawn McLain (AR '17)Susan Moreno (TX '19)Dr. Corey Oliver (AR '07)

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