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James Flynn (CT '09)


Lincoln Middle School
Meriden, CT

At the time of the Award, James Flynn was:

O.H. Platt High School
Meriden, CT

Subject(s) taught: Social Studies
Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Social studies teacher James Flynn graduated from Orville Platt High School in Meriden, CT. Nowadays you will still find him there, sharing his passion for politics with a new generation of students. As the advisor of the school’s Youth and Government program, Flynn spends his Sundays meeting with students to explore the intricacies of legislation. They prepare for political debates, lobbying and bill writing, all leading up to the annual Youth and Government convention held at the state capitol. Flynn’s students typically receive high honors and recognition at the convention each year, even garnering the interest of state legislators and government officials.

During the 2008 presidential election, Flynn organized Obama Day and McCain Day, where he encouraged students and faculty at Orville Platt High to show their support for their favored candidate and respectfully discuss his platforms. He eventually attended the inauguration of the 44th President and created a catalog of the day’s events with photos and interviews, with a special inauguration presentation to the school upon his return. Flynn’s classes are considered some of the most popular at Orville Platt High. Many students have chosen to enroll in an additional social studies course their final year, called a Senior Forum, to learn even more about the political process. Flynn has shared his love of government so effectively, that it’s no wonder it has been passed on to his students.

James Flynn In The News

Meriden Names New Lincoln Principal, Maloney Assistant Principal
Record-Journal  |  Aug 13, 2019  |  Meriden, CT

Additional Information


2000 Central Connecticut State University, B.S.