Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "I'm accepting this [Milken Educator Award] as a prepayment for making myself a better teacher."

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    Steven Scoville (PA '11)
    Teacher, Cony High School
  • "I am still in shock over the receiving the award and I feel honored and blessed to be a recipient."

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    Dr. Sarah Vann (OK '11)
    Principal, Hodson Elementary
  • "That one moment [receiving the Milken Educator Award] is actually the best teaching moment I could ever have. I tell students they..." (read more)
    Robert Baxter (NY '10)
    Principal, Health Sciences Charter School
  • "The Milken Educator Forum was the professional highlight of my relatively short career. I left feeling like I could, and I should,..." (read more)
    Greg Lineweaver (IN '09)
    Chair, English Department, North Central High School
  • "The cadre of gifted teachers, administrators and community partners who converged on Santa Monica for the Milken Educator Forum..." (read more)
    Dr. Nader Imad Twal (CA '03)
    Program Administrator, Long Beach Unified School District
  • “Milken Educators continue to feel an additional sense of responsibility to make the most of their careers in education. It was apparent..." (read more)
    Dr. Beth Randklev (ND '94)
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