Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "You have no idea how the Milken Educator Award is going to transform your life. The sky's the limit—it's just a matter of how you..." (read more)
    Dr. Cindy Moss (NC '01)
    CEO, Cindy Moss STEMBoss, LLC.
  • "Since receiving the Milken Educator Award, opportunities seem to pop up around every corner....The opportunity to network with great..." (read more)
    Kevin Witte (NE '13)
    Teacher, Kearney High School
  • "We've got to make sure that we're ambassadors for education and that we're talking about the significance of education. We've got to..." (read more)
    Baruti K. Kafele (NJ '09)
    Educational Consultant, Principal Kafele Consulting, LLC
  • "Robert Frost once said, 'I am not an educator, but an awakener.' When I walk into my classroom each morning, it is my goal to awaken..." (read more)
    Lindsay Murray (VA '16)
    Teacher, South Salem Elementary School
  • "I truly hold the Milken Family Foundation close to my heart. It changed my life and career completely and validated my teaching..." (read more)
    Robert Rivera (TX '06)
    Teacher, Faulk Middle School
  • "To my students: You make every day coming to work a dream come true for me. This is what being a teacher is all about — not just a..." (read more)
    Laura Servin (TX '15)
    Teacher, Whittier Middle School
  • "Winning the Milken Educator Award has really built my confidence as a leader in education. It's given me the freedom to step out and..." (read more)
    Shasta Looper (SC '12)
    Teacher, Youth Leadership Academy
  • "We don't [teach] to be recognized. We do it for the kids, and we do it because we have a passion for it. No one goes into teaching..." (read more)
    Deborah Siebern-Dennis (MO '15)
    Teacher, Bode Middle School
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