Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "[A good teacher has] to be smart. Not only a strong formal education but also what we would call 'with-it-ness.' A combination of..." (read more)
    Jessica Cunningham (DC '15)
    Principal, KIPP DC College Preparatory PCS
  • “We have an opportunity as teachers to make learning meaningful for every child. One positive learning experience can unlock a cycle of..." (read more)
    Julie Wojcicki-Cleave (OR '14)
    Reading Specialist , Hallman Elementary School
  • “Education is the stepping stone to becoming your best self.”

    (read more)
    Jenna White (AK '14)
    Teacher, Orion Elementary School
  • “New technology, cures for fatal diseases, peace talks—this will all come from those who were once our students. We owe it to our..." (read more)
    Angie Sigmon (NC '14)
    Instructional Technology Facilitator, Newton-Conover City Schools
  • “As educators, we shape the world. In order to do so we must continuously be lifelong learners ourselves. Those who are educated will..." (read more)
    Desi Nesmith (CT '14)
    Chief Turnaround Officer, Connecticut State Department of Education
  • “Teaching is a calling. Each day I wake up excited to get to school and help our young students reach their potential through fostering a..." (read more)
    Michelle Johnson (DC '14)
    Teacher, Seaton Elementary School
  • “My objective is to teach my kids how to succeed each in their own way and by showing each individual student methods that are customized..." (read more)
    Maggie Hawk (MD '14)
    Teacher Specialist for Intervention , Yellow Springs Elementary School
  • “Great teachers don’t teach what to think; they teach how to think, solve problems and communicate.”..." (read more)
    Angela Harvala (MN '14)
    Teacher, Princeton Intermediate School
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