Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are absolutely critical components within the framework of curriculum for..." (read more)
    Masaru Uchino (HI '16)
    Teacher, Momilani Elementary School
  • "I'm pursuing my doctorate because I want to be able to communicate the value of having specialized elementary school teachers. We..." (read more)
    Dr. Tiffany Tynes Curry (OH '16)
    Transformation Coach, Columbus City Schools
  • "I think [my Milken Educator Award] allows [my students] to see that through hard work and determination, good things can happen to..." (read more)
    Jayda Pugliese (PA '16)
    Principal, St. Mary Interparochial School
  • "I know we're succeeding as a school community when I see kids competing in our building spelling bee give high fives and thumbs up..." (read more)
    Stephanie Conklin (KS '16)
    Principal, Brougham Elementary School
  • "I hope [my students] understand and feel how truly cared for they are. I want my classroom to be a place where they feel safe,..." (read more)
    Jennie Todd (CO '16)
    Assistant Principal , Laredo Elementary School
  • "I hope that [my Milken Award] inspires my kids to go on, dream big dreams, and accomplish great things in their lifetime."..." (read more)
    Amanda Christensen (SD '16)
    Assistant Principal, Meade School District
  • "[Professional development] takes a lot of time and dedication. It's important to plan purposeful lessons, spend time reflecting, and..." (read more)
    Emily Caldarelli (RI '16)
  • "[Teachers] look for what we can do to help children exactly where they are. We look for where they need to go and rack our brains to..." (read more)
    Allison Ruhl (MS '16)
    Literacy Specialist , Madison Middle School
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