Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

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"I know we're succeeding as a school community when I see kids competing in our building spelling bee give high fives and thumbs up to their competitors during the competition. I know we're succeeding when a student who is working hard on an articulation goal nails every 'r' when she does the school announcements. I know we're succeeding when my non-verbal fourth-grade student can effectively use his assistive technology to communicate his plans for his birthday over the weekend. I know we're succeeding when my usually explosive first-grade student recognizes his anxiety and requests a break. I know we're succeeding when I talk to kids at my weekly luncheons and they proudly share their academic and classroom successes. In sum, I know I'm succeeding as an educator when I observe the daily small successes of students achieving academically, socially, and emotionally." — Spotlight interview

Stephanie Conklin (KS '16)

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