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Award Notification:  Valerie Baalerud (AK '17)

Featured in this video:  Valerie Baalerud (AK '17)
Anchorage, AK   |    Feb 01, 2018
Eagle River High School

Surprise, Valerie Baalerud—You're AK's Milken Educator!

It's a big day at Eagle River High School: Alaska Education Commissioner Dr. Michael Johnson is visiting to commend students and staff on creating a warm and nurturing learning community, and the room is filled with visiting dignitaries. But there's another reason to celebrate. Watch as Dr. Johnson, a 2008 Milken Educator, and Dr. Gary Stark (AR '01), CEO of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching, name social studies teacher Valerie Baalerud the winner of Alaska's 2017-18 Milken Educator Award—the surprise of a lifetime for the outstanding teacher.

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  • I am so proud of Valerie--she's my cousin Patty's daughter. I was an educator for 33 years, and truly appreciate what today's teachers contribute to their students and communities. Bravo, Valerie!

    Posted by Carol Foster, 17/02/2018 9:56am (4 years ago)

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