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Award Notification:  Tyler Finch (NM '21)

Featured in this video:  Tyler Finch (NM '21)
Loving, NM   |    Apr 19, 2022
Loving High School

Tyler Finch, You're a NM Milken Educator

Loving High School is abuzz: There's a big assembly about literacy featuring New Mexico Secretary of Education Dr. Kurt A. Steinhaus. But there's another reason for Dr. Steinhaus' visit, which comes to light when Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, surprises science teacher Tyler Finch with Loving Municipal Schools' first Milken Educator Award and $25,000! Watch to share the teacher's unforgettable moment.

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  • AWWW! So happy that the strength and dignity of teachers is highlighted with the Milken award.

    Posted by Elaine Marie Hampton, 22/04/2022 9:49am (2 months ago)

  • Congratulations! I am very proud of your achievement. My family is from New Mexico and I was 93Milken awardee... So I am very, very proud of you. Well done!

    Posted by Carmen Candelaria (CA '94), 19/04/2022 3:52pm (2 months ago)

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