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John Lary (LA '15)

Featured in this video:  John Lary (LA '15)
Shreveport, LA   |    Oct 27, 2015
C.E. Byrd High School

Shreveport History Teacher John Lary Wins $25,000 Milken Award

John Lary, a 2015-16 Louisiana Milken Educator Award recipient who teaches AP history at C.E. Byrd High School in Shreveport, has almost 200 students in his classes this year, up from just 30 when he first started. And he's got a reputation for getting results: The number of students passing AP exams at the school has increased 500%, and many students graduate with 20 or more college credits. 

Lary's classroom is papered with vintage posters and signs, and his students say he has a knack for making history come alive. Lary's grandparents were teachers, and it's clear that education is his passion. "I chose teaching and I absolutely love what I do," Lary says. "And it's amazing to see that it's having an impact."