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Award Notification:  Allyson Vitato (KY '14)

Featured in this video:  Allyson Vitato (KY '14)
Louisville, KY   |    Jan 15, 2015
Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary School

Kentucky’s 2014-15 Milken Award Recipient Principal Allyson Vitato Attributes Success to Teamwork

Principal Allyson Vitato, Kentucky’s 2014-15 Milken Educator, refuses to take all the credit for her students’ success at Breckinridge/Franklin Elementary School in Louisville. They – students, teachers and staff -- work as a team and consider themselves to be family. “My students, as you can see, they are the best,” Vitato said shortly after winning the Award. “They represent the best and they take pride in our school and it’s because of that and because of the pride in themselves and being good friends to one another that we are able to be successful.” Watch as Education Commissioner Terry Holliday and Milken Educator Award Senior Vice President Jane Foley give this outstanding educator the surprise of a lifetime!