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Ana Gutierrez (AZ '14)

Featured in this video:  Ana Gutierrez (AZ '14)
Phoenix, AZ   |    Mar 26, 2015
Longview Elementary School

Watch AZ Milken Educator Ana Gutierrez Address Students: The World Is in Your Hands

Longview Elementary School Master Teacher Ana Gutierrez of Phoenix, Arizona, was so busy making sure that everything at the assembly was in place that little did she know that she was monitoring the organization of her own party! When Milken Family Foundation Chairman and Co-Founder Lowell Milken—joined by Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas and Osborn School District Superintendent Patricia Tate—announces that the real purpose of the assembly was to present a Milken Educator Award to Ana, it took a few moments for the news to sink in. “I know that what we do every day makes a difference,” Ana tells the packed gym of colleagues, students, officials and community members. “The world is in your hands.”  Watch the video to catch Ana’s full speech and priceless reaction.

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