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Award Notification:  Nick Williams (CA '15)

Featured in this video:  Nick Williams (CA '15)
Novato, CA   |    Nov 18, 2015
San Marin High School

Nick Williams, You're a 2015-16 California Milken Educator!

There's one thing everyone at Novato, California's San Marin High School knows about science department head Nick Williams: He likes to rap. Williams, who goes to great lengths to engage students in the topics he teaches, writes and performs science-themed rap songs for his students. Listen to the snippet in this video around 2:20 - you'll never forget Newton's first law again.

As an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) teacher, Williams mentors 30 students, including some who struggle due to social, emotional or extreme home situations. Last year, most of his AVID students applied and were accepted to college.

At his surprise Milken Educator Award presentation, Williams praised his students and colleagues. "I love teaching," he said. "I love our community....I'm so proud of the effort we've put in to make San Marin an excellent high school. And that starts with our exceptional students [and] the families who have raised these exceptional students."