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Award Notification:  Allison Johnson (NJ '15)

Featured in this video:  Allison Johnson (NJ '15)
Newark, NJ   |    Dec 03, 2015
North Star Academy College Preparatory School

Newark STEM Teacher Allison Cuttler Surprised with Milken Educator Award

The students at North Star Academy love STEM teacher Allison Cuttler. In student surveys, Cuttler received the highest scores not only in the math department but in the entire school. North Star Academy's computer science course, which Cuttler developed, earned the highest ratings from students of any class in the school.

When the Milken Family Foundation surprised Cuttler with a New Jersey Milken Educator Award, students gave Cuttler a long standing ovation. "I immediately thought about everything that she's done for me, helping me with calculus and computer science," said one of Cuttler's students. "We were so happy for her because we knew how much she deserved [the Award]."

Cuttler praised North Star's students and teachers as she accepted her Award. "I think what makes our students unique is that they are willing to work so hard," Cuttler said. "Their sense of determination and their vision [are] incredible. They see their goals every day, and they do the little things every day to achieve them."

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  • Congratulations Ms. Cuttler! You are bringing it for your students, and as a result, the trajectory you are launching your students into college is off the charts.

    Posted by Patrick Murray, 27/01/2016 1:30pm (6 years ago)

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