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Award Notification:  Michaela Lamarre (ME '15)

Featured in this video:  Michaela Lamarre (ME '15)
Saco, ME   |    Dec 10, 2015
Saco Middle School

Michaela Lamarre Wins Maine Milken Educator Award and $25,000

Michaela Lamarre, who received Maine's 2015-16 Milken Educator Award at Saco Middle School in Saco, Maine, teaches her students to think critically. Why? "I want my students to think and act like scientists so when they go out into the world, they know how to make informed decisions," Lamarre said. 

Lamarre uses creative teaching methods to keep students engaged in science as they continue their education. "That means teaching with hands-on activities and not straight out of a textbook, and making the connections to their real lives," she said in an interview after her Award notification.